Lynn Painter lives with her husband and pack of wild children in Nebraska, where she is a weekly contributor to the Omaha World-Herald and an avid fan of napping. When working on a new book, she can often be found sound asleep on her office floor. Some might say she should grow up and stop randomly dozing off like she's a toddler, but Lynn considers it part of her writing "process."

Yeah - because that totally makes it legit.

Obscure facts that might make her sound interesting (but probably don't): 

*She is the step-aunt to one of the actors on Riverdale, even though she's technically only met him once and he likely wouldn't remember her. Hint: He starred in a movie with Yara Shahidi. And another one with Will Smith.

*She can fit an entire cupcake in her mouth. BOOM.

*She threw up all over herself on the first day of 2nd grade.

*She once saw Kelsey Grammar hailing a taxi in Manhattan, so she's pretty much an NYC native who is best friends with celebrities.

*She has a one-inch vertical.

*Her love for spaghetti is brighter than the sun, stronger than The Rock.

*If you see her doing anything crafty, it isn't her; she has literally set things on fire with a hot glue gun and has the motor skills of a preschooler. No offense, preschoolers.

*Her 4th grade teacher moved her desk out into the hallway because she wouldn't shut up. Like, ever.

*She held the record at her elementary school for finding the most bats (vampire, not baseball) in a single year. The little dork located - and alerted authorities to - four potentially-rabid bats.*

So technically, if you think about it, she might've saved hundreds of lives with her nerditude. #hero

*She was the only one to ever find any bats because everyone else had better things to do at recess.